January 3, 2012

Out with the old fun... and in with the new!

We have had a great year with the kids, sometimes I even felt like a kid myself. (I will play  one of Ashley's favorite songs by the "Beev"!  Stop screaming Jer... .it's only 3 minutes long..ha ha) We had a fun year!...our best times were spent at Adventure land, Monkey Joe's, Chuckie Cheeses and Fun Jump....but also enjoyed the day out rummaging at the town wide sales  in Franklin Grove. We gave each kid 10.00 to shop with and we came home with all sorts of treasures! After, we went to the park for a picnic and the kinds enjoyed the playground there. One day we picked up Sam and Tristan and went to Mill springs where they cooled off in the creek, learned to skip stones and toast marshmallows over a fire. As you see, the kids love to dress up and also love playing with the hose on warmer days, chase lightning bugs and play yard games...we always had plenty to do and lots of fun,,we look forward to the New Year and more adventures! 

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