December 24, 2011

While taking photos throughout the years, I never realized how much they would mean to me one day. I treasure each photograph, as well as all of the memories that go along with them....this one was such a photo. pictured are  all my brothers and sisters ,"outlaws", and parents. The family would grow more to the point it took three rooms with tables to seat everyone for Christmas supper, plus the bedroom set up with tables for the kids,,,and a special tree just for them.

So many Christmases, so many memories…Christmases  home with our parents , with my brother and sisters  and  their families  present… (I sure wish I had a picture of the year one of the grand kids turned over the Christmas tree or moms cookies being snatched hanging from the tree  during the night by our dog Pal!)…the year our Christmas tree was so large we had to cut 2 feet off from the trunk of the tree and put it inside of a crock with stones around inside to secure it.…  all dressed up for church and frantically practicing memorized lines for the Christmas program there, the one Christmas that it snowed heavily and mom worried no one would make it back home . One year  Karen and I got a new tricycle and scooter . these were very nice gifts and Karen and I always found an excuse to fight when little..In this case it was who got to ride the tricycle..Mom and dad had bought each for us to share..which wee were told a million times to do that next summer!

 I also remember the  infamous hats we each made for each other to wear..everyone had a sombrero to decorate for whose name they drew and each decorated in a personalized way. Chris,  the  baker, Dar the cow collector, Karen the wedding planner with the weddings are us hat, Deb the cleaning lady, Donice the fish queen of Lee Center, Cindy the Ross Perot supporter with big ears on her hat, "Helengelica", part devil part was the Texas Rose, and so forth..there were so many hats and many laughs as we styled them, Of course each had special sayings to go along with them.  I remember the kids doing skits and songs in the basement room grandma had fixed for them to play in..and they would come upstairs to perform for us after practicing . One year we had an all German meal..each of us bringing a special German dish...a first for many of us.  When we were younger it was a customary gift to get a game at Christmas and we would play this   all afternoon.

These days we’re making new Christmas memories as our family continues to decrease in some ways and grow in others…the cycle of life goes on as parents and loved ones pass away, while our children marry and have children of their own…((We always remember the loved ones we laughed and shared Christmas pasts with.))
May each of you have a very Merry Christmas!

(ignore the highlighted words..not sure what that is about that they show up..any suggestions?)

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