November 25, 2011

Old Thanksgiving Memories Revisited

Bringing back an old post I made of 1967 at the Wellman home. aNot a Thanksgving goes by and I don't reflect back of  some wonderful memories of home.

...Give God Thanks...

I took my decorations down the day after Halloween and now have a few Thanksgiving things up...mainly for the kids to enjoy when visiting grandma's house. I came across a couple old pictures taken at my moms when she would have the kids in for priceless!.. I am sure my nieces and nephews will enjoy this post..LOL ..and friends welcome too! I think we usually do as our moms did to make memories for the grandkids, though there is no way I could possible match what Grandma Wellman would do!

Top row left to right..Cindy(that's me) Diane, Karen, David, Darlene, Susie, Kathy and Christine . In front, are ...Joanie and Jill and sitting is Debbie.

The big turkey in the back ground was a piñata mom actually made and filled with candy for the kids ! Poor Ol Tom turkey never took such a beating to release that candy he had inside! a special memory I have of this day was that the kids had a play they did and had made a stage with a sheet curtain, in which they each came out and sang, read a poem or something from Sunday School. Aunt Karen and Aunt Cindy were "special guests"..and got in FREE. Uncle Don and Uncle Voris refused to pay the admission fee of 5 cents to get in, so we found them instead, trying to "peek into the basement window!"..oh my..such a fuss by the kiddies! What a riot and what a precious memory!

Mom used to fuss so and make things instead of buying ready made. The made a calendar once...sort of the days until Christmas countdown you see...each day in December had a candy cane on it and a scissors hanging to cut it off...this was for Debbie when her mom would bring her over for the mail ( dad had the post office in the front section of our home) Needless to more grandkids came along, grandma switched to having "grandma bags for them to take home filled with goodies. Their mommas decided all that sugar high wasn't a good thing though..and grandma bags had to be changed to apples, oranges or grapes.  She would decorate the Thanksgiving table with a set of pilgrim dolls that had cellulose like faces and late blooming rust colored mums from her garden and bittersweet from the country....the dolls were very old and I am not sure where they came from...but were at her house as long as I can remember. What a treasure of memories they harbor at thr Wellman Thanksgiving dinners!

Dad and the boys usually went hunting for pheasant on Thanksgiving many times there would be fresh fallen snow. the house would be warm and cozy and smelled of pumpkin pies baking..or her wonderful yeast rolls and cinnamon rolls ( sticky buns) ...and of course...turkey!

A few years later, the second , then a third, generation of grandkids arrive.. I believe at one time ,mom boasted of starting a nation..she had I would guess around 42 grandkids in all by the time she passed on. ..and she loved them all!

Front row is Jeff, Caryn, Andrea, Angie, Jennifer 2nd row is Matt, Steve,Janine, Stephanie, Susie(deceased)  and Jamie .... Back row is Lindsay, Darlene, Kathy, Jill , Christine, Diane and David
Not pictured were Debbie  and  Joanie, both now deceased. Also grandchildren and great grandchildren,  yet to come into  our lives.
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