September 16, 2011

Howard Wellman Sr 1930's  Taken at the old Wellman farm near Amboy.

Uncle Raymond Schultz and friend( before he met and married aunt Frieda)

Far right Grandpa "Hank" Wellman
?Phil Flach and Phillipa "Babe" ( Married name Hey)


Schultz farm chicken house at the old farm

Neighbor Helen Phiefer,Grandma Schultz, grandpa Schultz, aunt Leona( back middle)  and the Jensons & daughter  from  chicago
Helen Wellman (Page) far right with older friend, Shirley Foster
Helen is still a sweet as she was when young.

Don Wellman , Lee Center Il..
I am happy to say he is now potty trained! ha!! otch don!

Mom and Teiile Brassel(neighbor to the Wellmans in Lee Center) Mom always said tille called her the new bride in Lee Center,
 when she first arrived. She took mom under her wing and they became good friends from the beginning. 

Aunt Irene Schultz. aunt Iren was a real sweetheart. she married uncle Frank and they farmed for years  near Sandwich Illinois.
they had three children...Louis, Don and Darlene. Saddly they would lose their dear son in WW2 as he piloted a fighter plane to take out a bridge.

Dad (Howard Wellman Sr) I love this one of dad...always fun loving
 and devoted to his wife and family. Notice the old split rail fencing!

Leona Schultz and grandma Justin Schultz. Aunt Leona had gone through a difficult marriage and divorce,
left heart broken for many years. she never did remarry . She was one of the loviest people I have ever known.
We used to go visit her in the summer and she would spoil us so, buying us clothes and little gifts. she was employed by Leitz ind Grometer, in Auroa Il. as a buyer for the store.  A couple times, I got to go to chicago to Marshall Fields with her. What a treat to see the down town Loop  of Chicago at Christmas!

My mom, June Wellman ,   made this lovely  for Jackie Brassel and Bob Delhotel's wedding.I remember this day so well. Mom made sugar bells for the cake, carefully hollowing them out and decorating each bell with iced edges and silver dragee clangers. She also made the roses for the cake and had side cakes for extra servings in the kitchen at Brassels. Karen and I had to stay home. We watched from a bedroom window, the wonderful reception happening next door in Brassels yard.  Both Jackeie and Bob have passed away from cancer  , but this day lives on as a beautiful memory to me.
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