August 4, 2011

Today we went shopping at Wal Mart's for a few groceries, while approaching the check out, Sean spied the carousel of Original Lollipops..all flavors 2 for 1.00.  He chose Blue Raspberry and proceeded to the check out with us..while there he had an in depth discussion with a college student who agreed with Sean, These are absolutely the best suckers! He was telling Sean that they sold them at his school once and Sean thought that would be a great idea for their school to do as well.!( Sean has a spontaneous gift of gab and has  wide vacabulary..will carry on converstion with anyone about anything!)   Sucker Number one was eaten on the way home with his grandpa reminding him" don't touch anything"...  Sean had to agree...this was the best sucker he had ever had and enjoyed meeting a new friend at Wal Mart's   that also shared his love of suckers.   

On the way inside, he spied a leaf that looked like none he had seen before.
This leaf was eaten by a Japanese beetle, leaving the entire tree looking like brown lace, we decided.
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