August 20, 2011

Look what Cindy has done to my body!!!

By "Matilda"

It all started one day as I was sitting prettily on the front porch, waving at people  (my favorite pastime is waving at  the  truckers), Cindy said she was going to take me inside for a "new do". I figured why not? hair has felt like  straw  lately and I certainly have been needing a new dress! ( I am not fond of those birds that come sit on my shoulder!)  Also, I am so relieved not being stuck out in that dreadful old shed ...can you believe it?  She actually stuck me out on a shelf out there last winter, as cold as it was..I was frozen board stiff!!!  So she owes me big time..i am ready for a new look!

My name is Matilda...I am a crafty old lady, who likes to wave and be admired. I have a witchy cousin named Esmeralda, who looks a lot like me bu wears black and has a black hat (and rides a broom) Cindy puts a sign on her "The witch is in"). we entered the house and Cindy carries me to the basement..imagine that!   and before I know it... what n earth s that screw driver  for Cindy? oh dear! comes my head and oh no...not hot glue!!!!!

Help! My head is detatched and laying in this box!!!

and this silly looking head ( Freaky Freddy)  is now
 on  my once gorgeous body!!! 

Well at least I won't be lying in the cold shed this winter and part of me will welcome and wave at people yet this Fall.
Happy Fall 'Ya All!

Barn quilt was hand  painted on plywood and measures 4ft by 4 ft.
Made for the front porch by Cindy

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