August 31, 2011

First Days of you remember?

Do you remember that day and what it was like?

I sure do..i was so excited. My mom was at work and my dad took me to the school that first day. Hand in hand I just knew it would be a big day for me and jabbered non stop to the school. I imagine my father was ready to turn me over as I was quite a talker..still am! 

I had a new hair cut that didn't agree with this colic I have under my always stuck out there! Dad said it looked like I was growing a horn. unannounced to my parents, I cut my bangs off and that is what I looked like my first day of school...butchered! ha!

My teacher was Mrs Ashenbrenner , white haired sweet lady that smiled all the time..I really liked her and the first song she taught..I still remember ...want to hear it??..oK, if you insist!

A birdy with a yellow bill

hopped upon my window sill

shook his tiny head and said

aren't you 'shamed sleepy head!

(  graphic from The Vintage Moth Blog site)

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