August 10, 2011

Adventureland Vacation photos July 2011

It was a very hot day in July and we took off for a weekend at Adventureland.

the first ride, grandma appaointed herself as Camera person.T
This would be the first ime Stephanie, Sean and Ashley
would ride the ferris wheel..they loved it!

Bumper Car wars..gentlemen and ladies..start your engines!

Drivers Ed  in training...

ahhh cool cool water after a hot day in the sun!

grandma and grandpa chugging along..

photo says....And they heard her( Stephanie)  exclaim   
as they rafted out of sight...O  ..M...G   !

the only man over 60 on this ride and he survived!

riding tubes down the giant water slides

yes..a bucket of water to stand under! watch out below!
Sean loved this one!

The DS Gang.....each brought along their DS and grandpa prvided Mario Party game for them 
for the three hour trip to Adventureland.
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