February 9, 2011

President Reagan...Pictures of Past Visit

I want to share some photos taken by neighbor, Jean Gerdes, when (then President Elect) Ronald Reagan visited here in Tampico. The photos have faded greatly and became pink tinged. I photo shopped them best I could but apologize for the clarity . She said they were taken while they stood in front of their family business, Gerdes Mower, which was next to next to his birthplace.
Jean celebrated her 84th birthday last Sunday and every year as Presdent Reagan did on Feb 6th. Info is available at Tampico Area historical society's website. Tampico is located in Whiteside County, Illinois. It is the birthplace of the ONLY president born in Illinois, Ronald Reagan. It is also the birthplace of Admiral Jos. Mason Reeves who served 3 wars (and for whom the first football helmet was designed). 
Tampico Historical Society information 

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