December 17, 2010

Christmas Cookie Memories

What would Christmas be, without memories of Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's house? Back in those wonderful days, we would arrive to the folk's house for Christmas night dinner.The tables would be decorated with pines , vintage ornaments,  bows, and garlands..and a long table for many foods being brought in by the family and her many grandchildren. . Stephanie and I have been busy baking this year...many of these cookies are going to bring back some memories to many of you " with memories from grandma's kitchen". We only wish you all were here to enjoy them with us! One of my fondest memories was hearing mom tell about the year she cut out Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs  cookies and decorated them all   by a using a knife and pictures from a coloring book..this would be about 70 years ago when  our  oldest brothers  were young.She decorated them all and hung them on the tree for Christmas Day. Now we have the luxury of cookie cutters and instant icing from cans . We used several of moms ideas and cutters this year in making cookies for our family and friends. Stephanie is coming over Saturday to help package these up to take to a couple friends who are ill this holiday, to needy families and friends. I see she has a lot of her grandma Wellman's talents and desire to fuss making cookies for her boys! We had a lot of fun making these, and building some memories of our own..(((thanks to Grandma's influence)))

Holly cookies with red hot berries

Ginger bread cookies

chocolate covered pretzels

white poinsettias with silver dragee centers

rice crispy wreaths
Santa cookie..moms favorite to make for the holidays. These always were hung in the tree. I have to laugh remembering the morning our dog "Pal" discovered the cookies in the tree...we learned to hang them up  higher after that!
a plate of Santas we delivered to Sean and Jeremy. Get well soon Sean!
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