November 5, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Stephanie
Novemember 9th!


Pictured above is Grandma Wellman..whom I know if alive today, would be sharing this birthday wish.  Pictured above, is her baby picture and a locket she wore, a birthday gift she had received as well. Your birthdays were so close together on dates..hers November 4th and yours November seems fitting to bring this to you as a gift.
The shoes  I made from a pattern, designed by Cathy Jackson of Hazelruth. I used muslin to sew them. I then hand painted and polished them for a leather appearance. The pillows are made from a piece of fabric we found at a rummage sale this summer...remember the boxes of vintage sewing supplies we discovered? ( the the sale I didn't think would have anything??)  I love  Grandma's baby picture..look at all those locks of hair..much like yours was at that age!
Wishing you   longevity, good health, and happiness
   in the many  years ahead.
 Love you! , Mom and Dad
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