September 25, 2010

Our Fall Decorations

Hand Painted wooden barn quilt 4 by 4 foot and cement pumpkin
Yard sale find this summer 6 candle holding pumpkins.
I have put little LED lights in them

For a form swap I am in, we are making banners for Fall...I have one to get yet, and will hang this in the kitchen window over where  the  6 pumpkins are

  Cute little scented  pumpkin cookie bowl fillers from Judy R

Grandma Wellman had this flying cackling witch in her living room each Halloween. You clap your hands and she cackles..scares Stevie, so we stick her in the jar instead and have pulled her batteries.LOL

Flying pumpkin man holding the witch staff..made by Judy Waggoner
One of my favorites!!

Ornaments on the tree from swaps over the years...ghosts, back cats, pumpkins, hang tags and more.

Scarecrow lady made by my sister, Helen

Items I have recieved in Fall swaps over the years..
plus two cards made by my grandsons last year

One of two hanging baskets..year three for them
so they are starting to get a little ragged but still good enough!

Ezmarelda, Matilda's witchy cousin, who hides in the shed all year until Fall
 (while Matilda vacations in the shed for the winter..LOL )
The broom I made last year..has a witch hat
and the shoes made by Cathy ( Hazelruthe)

Most the pumpkins were rummage sale finds this summer
 25 cents each.

The photo Cathy adds was  also known as
 "The Witch of Walstreet"
what a way to be remembered huh? LOL!

From Judy this door hanger pumpkin...
but way too nice to hang outside! I love it! ( and I love of my bestest friends ever!!!)

More rummage sale finds this year.

“Celebrate the happiness
 that friends are always giving,
make every day a holiday
and celebrate just living!”

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