July 26, 2010

Expect a Miracle

     I have a miraculous story to tell and also some  thank yous to give . first I will start at the beginning , of our plans to go vacation at from Cripple Creek, Colorado.
     We left for a ten day vacation out west, traveling with our good friends, Jan and Glenn.  We rented rooms from Kathy and chip at Last Dollar Inn , a lovely  B&B in Cripple Creek , for four days. We had a little time to get there, so we first went through Iowa to visit the birthplace of John Wayne and to see the county of Madison..well known for its old covered bridges.

 We entered Kansas and was so impressed of all the energy gathering wind mills in the distance. Jan proved more than once what a great relief driver she was  .

 Kansas has a lot of land much unlike our state, it is very baron and has many abandoned old houses and farms, apparently left from the dust bowl days. It was 103 degrees the day we drove through Ks. We stopped to purchase some Wizard of Oz treasures for Jan's grand daughter..who loves Dorothy!

As we entered Cripple Creek, we came up winding roads, leading to much higher elevations and such scenic beauty..we weren't sure which was more breath taking. Cripple Creek is an old gold mining town, that still today has active gold mining in progress.Most noted are the Molly Kathleen  and the Victor/Cripple Creek mining companies.The history and view of Cripple Creek were available from their tourist bureau , which had a wonderful place inside with large windows that  overlooked  the entire valley and mountain ranges of the area.

We saw  gorgeous scenery  and winding roads!!

 Cripple creek has many old historic homes. the B&B we stayed at being one of them
The Last Dollar Inn
Cripple Creek was a bustling gold camp after Bob Womack, a ranch hand, discovered gold in 1890. The town boomed and prospered until 1896 when 3 fires destroyed the business section and several homes. The city rebuilt in brick and today most of the structures along the main streets are remnants of that post fire reconstruction.

 This  brownstone building was built in 1898 and completely renovated in 1995.

 Wild burrows roam the streets of Cripple Creek, delighting visitors and annoying the residents. They enjoy eating lilac and other flowering bushes of front lawns of the homes.
 The heritage of this town is so interesting to learn about... and architecture of the buildings made great photo shoots by photographers I saw lined up on the streets.

 Two 'ol mules

Train ride through the hills of Cripple Creek's mining community

Our room at the Last dollar Inn B&B

The Last Dollar Inn was once owned and managed by  a well known stained glass artist and author, Linda G. A beautiful stained glass window in in the front parlor that shows a figure of St Francis and the words above "Expect a Miracle" . this is where  bob waited in a rocking chair for the ambulance, while having a massive myocardial infarction. Within minutes, the rescue squad took him to meet a helicopter at a town called Divide, which was half way down the mountain to Colorado Springs. I am sure our landlords were shocked to awake at 11 pm to find ambulance , police, and fire truck in front of their home. It took some good strong men to carry Bob to the ambulance down two flights of stairs without a stretcher.  I can't begin to speak highly enough of the professionalism and speed  of the Cripple Creek Rescue squad, dispatcher  and firemen ..  they saved my husbands life with the swiftness and skill  that their town can be very proud. They got the helicopter to meet them and a team of nine persons on call at Penrose St Francis Hospital , who  were waiting to take my husband to the cardiac cath lab and then into surgery for three stint placements...all within  4 hours time! It was  quite an accomplishment, knowing we were 55 miles away and in a remote little town, on top of a mountain!


Isn't this amazing that the words expect a miracle were written here!

This is a picture of a  wild  burrow  that roams the streets of Cripple Creek
   In Kathy's kitchen, I found this plaque so in tune to their philosophy as Inn Keepers.

             the road to Cripple Creek was a challenge for us flat landers to drive.
While Bob was in the hospital,  Kathy and Chip made us some wonderful breakfasts.  Her gourmet cooking is was hard to decide which was best.  At the hospital,  Bob said his meals were low salt and low fat and he  missed not getting to eat  Kathy's   blueberry pancakes.  On our last day, Bob returned and enjoyed a meal with the guest at the B&B. Kathy made eggs, glazed grapefruit and cream cheese waffles...yum!! I am sure she could  give us the names of these dishes...all I know,  is they tasted wonderful!

Kathy and Chip welcomed us with cookies and baked goods as we would come back from the hospital and sightseeing the area...the coffee pot always on and drinks in the refrigerator. we would sit in the kitchen family style and catch up on news. on our last day in Cripple Creek, bob was  back home from the hospital and got to enjoy one of Kathy's famous Breakfast meals!

Our last meal was in the dining room with other guests from Kansas.
We saw many flowers in blooming the mountains...each presenting a lovely photo.

Many thanks to Kathy and Chip of The Last Dollar Inn, to the wonderful people of  Cripple Creek Rescue Unit and firemen, the rescue dispatcher of Cripple Creek  , to  Teller County Sheriff's Office  ,and Black Hawk  Rescue (Gilpin co ambulance),   , to  Dr Lindsey and the on call emergency cath lab, surgery . and  ICU staff of Penrose St Francis Hospital and ER Dept of Denver's St Anthony's Hospital  , to our dear friends Jan and Glenn Dunseth, whom we could have never managed without their help. We are so fortunate to  share with everyone,  that Bob is recovering well from his surgery and the doctor feels there was no heart damage ...which is a miracle, all thanks to God and the help from all those mentioned above.   We are home now but taking things slow and following doctors orders.  Many thanks also to our family and friends for all their prayers, support and  help here at home. We love you all.  
Bob and Cindy
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