June 9, 2010

the haunted mansion project

After getting interested at P&R Delphi's Putz house swaps, I decided to try to make a haunted mansion. My idea is to put it into a bird cage I found at a flea market this Spring., add some  creepy trees and moss, tiny lights, pumpkins,  witch etc..the embellishing will be fun once i get going.  so far, this is  the putz  mansion I made. I was thinking I need to age it some though..any suggestions?

the roof is tiled adding rick rack and painting over it..the house made from card stock and paint. I have a front stoop ready to put on that will have a witches broom stick resting on. I fugured the shutters needed to be crooked to make it more creepy looking....the white is actually gray, but the flash brightened the picture.
Stay tuned...TBC's...I will be painting the bird cage and gathering  limbs from brother's tree that has neat crooked looking branches. I have a witch, pumpkins, bats and crow for  accessories.

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