March 3, 2010


For those not familiar with out family, Tammy is my sisters niece. she had a heart transplant about 24 years ago as a young lady. This winter she was adnmitted to Loyola Unniversity in critical condition and had been on full life support. I want to post this to     show family and friends, what amazing progress Tammy has made and to thank everyone for continued prayers.!

Just received this picture from Helen. She says this  is the best she seen  Tammy  since she got sick. Has her laptop now;Her good friend and nurse,  Linda , made the collage of pictures on the wall and gave her extra pictures to show to the therapists and anyone else around there. No word yet on what is ahead for her. ~Just wanted you to know she had a good day... she was able to get a good signal finally and she was back on facebook and doing her "farming"... Jason had also stopped by and made the day extra special...  Tammy was in her Hoveround when she  got here fiddling with her laptop, Jason had just left...Tammy took me down the hall by the waiting room to the bathrooms... just zipped along in her Hoveround! God love her...! Thank everyone that has   Tammy in their prayers . She has a long ways to go, but this is the first promising news in a  long while!
Congratulations to  Tammy..she is now a grandma to be. Her son Ryan and  DIL, Stephanie are expecting a new baby! We hold Ryan in our prayers that he will be safe,  as he  returns to overseas military duty . He is heading to Aphganastan this  April.

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