February 24, 2010

Dad's / Grandpa's Old Masonic Ring

This is a very old ring that belonged both to my dad and grandfather, who were both Masons. My died passed away now so the family decided to give this ring to Voris, our brother in law, who is   a long time Mason. How old is the ring??? We have no idea but was probably turn of the century or late 1800's. Our dad was a Mason over 50 years and was recognized for this achievement in the 1960's. My grandfather wore the ring  as we can add at least another 20 years to that  , so we are easily at 100 years,,,time to pass the ring on to the next family Mason!   I thought I would show the ring here for any family  or  Masonic members   interested in seeing it. It is in need of cleaning and Voris will take it to a jeweler friend to do this.

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