January 1, 2010

New Year's Greetings

Wishing you A Happy and Healthy New Year 2010!

I have reopened my blog again and  have decided to save all articles but show only a few publicly. I  am going to be a bit more cautious about not posting my grandchildren's pictures on the internet. In this day and age it is hard to say where they could end up...and I love them too much to chance that happening for the sake of showing off how proud I am of them. you will have to just take my word for it..they are the sweetest little boys a grandparent could wish for and of course, I will have much to say about them about in future posts. I recently reopened my facebook again but no pictures there either..and if you know me...I am sure I will be emailing some to you on occasion!

Bob and I have been blessed with good health and have had a great year. We had the opportunity to attend my nephews wedding in October in Cincinnati, Ohio and from there experienced a once in a lifetime vacation with my sister and sister in law in Tennessee. ...and yes...they do have bears there! I meant to post these pictures earlier and got busy with gardens and canning. After that we went out east and visited family and friends there. It was a wonderful year for us all around.
  Here are a few pictures of the trip...Wishing you all the best!   
Friends out East...   Sue and Rich  and  Cindy with Judy

Jon and Kathy(on the right)

resort where we stayed one week...very nice!!
momma bear #1  who had five cubs

Momma bear #2 who also had four grown female cubs !

view at Smokey Mt Nat'l Park
Our driver and bear safety expert  Bob

Oh oh,  Helen sees another bear ... Yes indeed..a trip we will always remember
and the nine bears that visited us at our  Timbercreek cabin!

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