January 22, 2010

This is a painting which was done as a gift from Bev Atkinsa talent artist from Pa. It has always been a dream of ours to have a painting of our home, so imagine our complete joy when we opened the box from Bev this morning and saw this painting! Apparently she has been orchestrating and gathering pictures etc behind the scenes this year as my sister friends and Daughter all knew about this!
the close ups pictures were blurring so this is as close  as I can give for you to see...on the front porch is a sled and deer, our christmas tree and wreath that put put out there this year...the stand and bear, bob and I made for craft shows and knowing this, she was sure to include them.  there is also a star hanging by the back porch beb brought us as a gift when out visiting us one summ,er. Bob refers this as his ?tom Kinkaid picture...we both are so pleased to have received this generous gift from Bev!
Beverly is an accomplished artist and  paints lovely  landscapes, portraits, animals, including pets, and more. she does special orders reequested and her work can be seen at   


After  receiving this gift, I recieved a call from the florist!   My sister Karen and BIL Jerry gifted me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and box of candy. What a fantastic birthday!  I thought turning 65 would be a very awful day but my friends and family have made it all so much more enjoyable...tonight we are dining out with family andcelebrating three birthdays in the family.
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