August 20, 2009

Collections..Bob White Red Wing Pottery

I thought I would share something that mom collected. ( also this song "When I went down to the river to pray", our choir is singing sunday , so I am playing it while i post this..helps me learn my part better! LOL) My daughter Stephanie's Red wing Pottery collection proudly sits in my buffet now, as she doesn't have the room for it and I am very excited to have it! Her grandma started collecting this back in the 60's and had so many pieces, she divided it up amongst her grand daughters. I remember taking mom around to antique shops, rummage sales, and even to Red Wing, Minnestoa to find these rare pieces of pottery. The fun was in the hunt and seeing what we could find. One piece, a divided vegetable dish I found at a rummage sale for 50 cents. It was valued at around 45.00 at that time.

This is an ad they ran when making this pottery to sell to jewelry stores and department stores. Red wing pottery is a much sought after and a fine quality pottery . A strike was the cause of the pottery company closing, and many pieces were destroyed in this strike.

Red Wing Pottery got its name from its location, Red Wing, Minnesota. Founded in 1861, the company began producing dinnerware in 1935 and continued until closing in 1967. Bob White is probably their most recognizable pattern and has some very unusual and charming shapes.When the company went out of business in 1967, Red Wing was the only commercial pottery manufacturer in the U.S. still hand-painting dinnerware.

1956 Red Wing Pottery Ad for Bob White Pattern - Bob White “makes dining a dramatic event!”
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