July 3, 2009

A blessing to share with you....

Sunday school 1947 at The Church in the Valley , Penisula , Ohio
Effective July 1st of this year , my BIL Jerry, I was called to serve as the Pastoral Care Minister for The Church in the Valley located at 2241 Everett Road, Peninsula, Ohio 44264.
Jerry writes "This is a beautiful church located in a National Park. Their previous pastor John Fisk died about two years ago. They are still searching for his replacement. While this search continues I will minister with them and to them. My main duties will include building a Sunday School Department, starting and leading a Wednesday night prayer group, making calls to people in the hospital and those who can no longer come to church. I will also lead the Sunday services when we don’t have a visiting preacher who is a candidate for the permanent position of Senior Pastor.I am excited about this opportunity to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Please pray for me. Pray that God will give me the wisdom, temperament, love, and grace needed do all for His glory. The church website is: "
Congratulations , and May god Bless you Karen and Jerry , with this new mission.We are so proud of you both!
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