June 22, 2009

My sister, My Friend...Helen
Cherished Friends ~ a Good Messagage
I wanted to share this email sis sent goes to show how precious friendships are. Helen had such a good friend, Jackie, and she has some good reflections to share.
The following was written by Helen.
I just found the time to catch up on my e-mail; these are so beautiful.( vintage book marks pictured in this blog) I took a one night class on counted cross stitch along with my friend Jackie. It was a hoot!! She and I talked and giggled far too much and the end result was my Amish man and woman had their feet on crooked when I was done. I still have that piece of counted cross stitch somewhere and always have said I would make a pillow cover from it. Jackie passed away suddenly and unexpectedly 4 years ago from a massive heart attack. She was one to get me into doing things I otherwise would have never done; such as..the Stretch & Sew class that was so popular when polyester fabrics were the rage; ceramics (we created dozens of dishes, nicknacks, etc. and a quilt class. We worked together at a catalog store at the time and did these things in the evenings when we were far too tired from work to be trying such stuff. But what fun we had and memories to cherish; especially now that she has passed on. I just recently finished the quilt that I started when she and I took the class in the 80's. I asked her husband if she ever finished hers and he said he thought he saw a box of quilt squares in their basement. I encouraged him to find it and take it to the quilt group at the church that she and he were active in; I know they would finish it for him if he should like to keep it.
It is amazing to think about the people who have touched our lives over the years and the effect they had on us at the time.
Make a great day! Love, Sis
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