May 24, 2009

Sister Act...Pea Podding Time???

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I have always loved this picture of my sister and myself. It brings back memories of carefree days of our wonderful home life , even if we were supposed to be working, podding peas for mom as she fixed supper. I imagine mom was hoping to keep us out of the house awhile as she prepared supper, as we were known to get into "spats", which no doubt ruined the peaceful tranquility that a home deserves. As you can see, I am having fun poking more fun at sis as she is reading a book...and the peas sit on the ground unpodded . What was a mom to do with us? If you read this Karen, notice I was wearing your favorite "green plaid dress "! (Also Karen, notice how small "old Filo" was back then..that tree still stands...80 years later. Mom planted it when Howie was born from a scrub out in the country.I would have thought surely that tree would be gone by now.) Those older metal chairs are real collectibles now..we sure were in the yard a lot weren't we!
Fresh Shelled Peas ...How We Fixed Them
( when we finally got them shelled..LOL!)
Simple, Perfect Peas with Butter and SaltBring a saucepan of water to a boil. While the water is heating, remove the peas from their pods and place in a bowl. When the water reaches a boil, add some salt and the peas. You are just going to cook them for a very short time. Don't leave the stove. Somewhere between ten and thirty seconds. You want them just barely tender, so they still pop in your - mouth, no mushy overcooked peas please. Quickly drain. Return the peas to a bowl with a dollop of butter and a sprinkling of salt.
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