May 25, 2009

Old Vintage Book Markers

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I found these today among some old family late 1800's papers and church pamplets that Bob's mom had once given me. I put them away and never really paid attention to these things. One newspaper is a history of the Chicago World's Fair written 1893 ( columbian Exposition ).
Notice how detailed the work that went into making these needlepoint creations! I plan to frame these under glass to preserve them better, but wanted to share this with you needlepointers out there first. All I can say is...someone sure had good eyesight to do such fine handiwork..I suspect it was his great grandmother's work.
Donna of Cottage Days & Journeys has given me some great resource sites if further interested in how these were made. Thanks Donna! .they have a complete product line of Tokens and Trifles™ and Trinkets™ sewing cards
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