December 5, 2008

High School Fun and Cars

My very cool Sister Karen and friend Roger... Homecoming Queen and King.

Alan Spotts, Gary Hunt, Bob Huber, and George Freedolf

Remember driving around and around the Dog and Suds before actually stopping for something to eat? and the gals would skate out to take your order? ...that was 'Cruisin fun,  before McD 's . Skating was a big thing back then..we went roller rink skating every Friday night at white Pines roller rink...they are still open for business!
This sure brings back memories if you are near or over 50! I will show you a picture of the first car I learned to drive in...The Studebaker, (which was always known as "Karen's Car" but never was..ha ha) was our family car. Karen does has the key yet though...I presented the key to her a few years ago, after finding it out in the flower bed at moms. The story is...Dad decided to tell her she could have it one day and she literally took it that way..but we soon found out, he really didn't mean it. From the looks of the car sis, I think it was a teenagers blessing! It would have ruined your rep to be seen driving in this one! LOL! This was a 50's model..not sure what year Dad's was though..

                 Here it is.."Karen's Studebaker" !

( added note to Angie from comments below)
Yes Angie...she really did make curtains...and I think she even added some "Evening in Paris" Perfume, "borrowed" from our sister Helen. ...but maybe that was in Howie's "date car" she was cleaning for him? Seems I remember aunt Dee mentioning Karen perfuming the car for a date they had once. LOL!!!

Fender skirts..I came across this phrase yesterday... "FENDER SKIRTS."

A term I haven't heard in a long time, and thinking about "fenderskirts" started me thinking about other words that quietly disappear from our language with hardly a notice like "curb feelers"   and cars that looked coolest were often "gas guzzlers"

And "steering knobs." (AKA) suicide knob. ( ALSO NECKING KNOBS )

Remember "Continental kits?"

They were rear bumper extenders and spare tire covers that were supposed to make any car as cool as a Lincoln Continental..When did we quit calling them "emergency brakes?" At some point "parking brake" became the proper term. But I miss the hint of drama that went with "emergency brake."

I'm sad, too, that almost all the old folks are gone who would call the accelerator
the "foot feed."

Didn't you ever wait at the street for your daddy to come home, so you could ride
the "running board" up to the house?

How many still wash their car with the hose in the driveway? ..or have those wider white wall tires? Remember when Glass packs were cool? I think every one in town heard Karen's boyfriend arriving..ha ha ha ! Now sis...though WK wasn't cool .but that Ford was one cool car!
Oh, and here is another memory...remember when we would sit along hill from the front of the the folk's house and kids would line up in their cars to stop and talk? Dad always teased, saying he was seriously thinking of putting parking meters in front of our house, to make himself some money!
Fun Days weren't they sis!

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