October 10, 2008

What I have been working on.....

I have always loved doing things with ice it making a pine arrangement in one, using them on a sled on the front porch or in a wreath for the door....Then last year, I decided to try to sew some ornaments that would resememble skates . I couldn't find a small pattern so I drew one out and created my first skate ornaments..may of you may have receved one in a swap.The blades are rusty and came from a wholesale company.( Sunshine Crafts) Above is a graphic that can be used as a pattern for painting or embroidery.
Of course, what I would really love to make , is something like this...a handpainted skate! However, that is way beyond my limits . BTW, this one was painted by Jan Young of Missouri. Maybe we can get her on the blog roll one day to share some of her other creations..she and her sister do amazing work! If you are interested in commisioning some art ..she does an awesome Santa sleighing around a world globe, baby shoes and just paints on about anything you would want painted.! She also sells dried Sweet Annie!
(contact me at and i will put you in touch with Jan.)
Don't you just love this!!!
So this year I decided I needed to make another style of ice skate ornament and came up with this one.( below) .. it is leather-like and has a skate tongue and laces...I will probably add a name to whom receive it and a rusty bell or star to it yet. what do you think? These are being made for a special needs group home. There are 16 clients there and I donate ornaments for their tree each year,I plan to add first names to these...and some glitter yet too! .
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Oh and one more thing to show you....look what I bought at the craft show today! Isn't this the cutest! the talented gal that made this is from Iowa I believe. I love it and just had to have it!
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