October 13, 2008

One Big Ball Jar!

I was cleaning this jar up and thought I would show and tell today and tell you a little about this jar . Bob and I used to sell dozens of these jars at our craft shows. We found a supplier in Iowa and Bob wouild predrill for the candle lamp and I would fill them up with pretties. It was a fun thing and I still change mine with the seasons. The jars came in one , two and four gallon sizes..this one is the four gallon . ( I am not even sure these jars are available anymore, but wouldn't mind a couple for storage containers now.) I have some artificial oranges, cinnamon sticks, clove scented pip berries and cloves in this one...also used a gingerbread guy on the outside, just becasue...I thought he belonged there! I used to make my own gingers to hang, but this one is bought and made from resin...Sean proof in case he thinks it is a real cookie!
Here is a close up...these were fun to make.. also did some other styles for other seasons..I have a couple Pilgrim shelf sitters I think would fit.....maybe... for Thanksgiving. If a person didn't want to drill a hole, you could use a LED candle . It has a replacement disc shaped battery...lasts around 1000 hours I think.

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