September 30, 2008


This nation was built on life, faith and family... Vote this election day your concious. Now more than anytime in history, a new generation must stand for truth and doing the right thing for this country. Everything you hold sacred is at stake.

My sister sent this to me and my heart just swelled. Having a son with Down's Syndrome myself, I can really relate to what it is like and welcome into leadership of this country, some genuine people, that already knows the love we and others feel for our special needs children. There are many good reasons I support the McCain /Palin ticket...but this is the icing on the cake for me personally....It proves to me without a doubt, they know what it is to put others first and how a Christian family helps to nurture and support...with unconditional love . John McCain put his country first, years ago..and it is obvious to me, politics has not changed him... it is refreshing to see good values in a time of so much political chaos and crisis. Thanks for letting me share this with you. Cindy

Family with Down Syndrome Child Meets John McCain and Sarah Palin

September 9, 2008

....Expressions speak volumes here.....
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1. Sen. Obama favors the “Freedom of Choice Act” which will sweep away all limits on abortion, state and federal, including restrictions on government funding of abortion and conscience protections for healthcare providers. ( ).

2. He condemned the Supreme Court’s decision in Gonzales v. Carhart, which affirmed the federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban. (

3. He supports federal funding of abortion ( at 50)

4. He opposes the Hyde Amendment, which restricts use of taxpayer dollars for supporting abortion ( )

5. He opposed born alive infant protection bill in IL Gen Assembly ( )

6. He said that pregnancy is “punishment” (

7. He believes that the right to abortion is a matter of equal rights for women. ( )

8. He wants to strip crisis pregnancy centers of federal funding ( )

9. He does NOT support the Pregnant Woman Support Act (i.e., the Democrats for Life signature 95-10 proposed legislation meant to reduce abortions by strengthening the social safety net — note that neither Pelosi nor Reid (nor any of the relevant committee chairs) have allowed this bill to come to the floor for a vote). In fact, Obama opposed inclusion of unborn children for S-CHIP protection (key feature of the bill).

In short, sweeping away all limits on abortion (by operation of FOCA) and federally funding it with taxpayer dollars (while defunding non-abortion providing crisis pregnancy centers) will INCREASE rather than decrease the abortions in this country.

On embryo destructive research, Sen. Obama supports an increase in this practice.

1. He was an original sponsor of the bill to overturn President Bush’s funding policy (

2. He was a co-sponsor of the misleadingly named “Human Cloning Ban Act of 2005,” which, if passed, would have protected cloning-for-biomedical research, and would have required the destruction of all human embryos created by cloning, on pain of federal criminal law (

3. As a member of the Illinois General Assemby, he voted against a ban on all forms of human cloning ( ).

4. He voted against a bill in the United States Senate that would have authorized increased funding for recently developed forms of stem cell research that do not require the use and destruction of human embryos, despite the fact that such research has captured the imagination of the scientific community both for its efficacy and moral neutrality, and despite the fact that the bill in no way precluded funding for embryo destructive research ( ).

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