August 20, 2008

Announcement Sept 1st!..And the Winner is...........Betty W!!

How often do you much am I like my mom???

(Bob says...does the words "A Hard headed German" come to mind?)
I was just thinking ,as I came across this old banner , of the many ways we all resemble our moms or follow their actions. I once watched mom walk or try to..into a grocery store by entering the exit door by mistake and thought..geesh..will i do that one day??? well, guess what ?..I am doing worse! THREE TIMES now, I have actually walked into a men's restroom! can quit laughing now... and start thinking about ways you may resemble your mom. I thought this might be fun and want to hear from you all on this one!
Ways I resemble mom.
1) I'm sentimental
2) I give away stuff, sometimes to strangers. I guess I am caring and sensitive to the needs of others, like mom was.
3) I love flowers ,gardening, nature and sunsets
4) I am interested in decorating for holidays and family gatherings. I love God, my family, friends , and adore my grandsons !
5) I found me a terrific husband ....(when he behaves that is, and doesn't make hard headed German remarks..ha ha)
Ways I resemble another's daughter
1) I don't like to bake or cook
2) I don't use a tablecloth or fuss on fixing the table "pretty", the best china, silver, etc
3) Dislike going to lodge, or other types of social meetings
4) I like to sing, ( mom didn't but sure made joyful music unto the Lord)
5) I hate liver , squash, and sweet potatoes. yuk yuk yuk!

OK..this should be fun..tell me about you!!


Drawing for one winner, sept 1st..give five things each or email me your answers.

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