August 10, 2008

Canned stewed tomatoes.. Next week will be SaLsA !

I loved making beef stew in the winter, using canned stewed tomatoes. I canned these 14 qts using peppers, onions, celery seed, salt and crushed ( skins removed) tomatoes. I am asking myself today...Did i really plant 48 tomato plants ???? Last year the tomatoes didn't ripen right , so I figured I would put in a "few" extras this year..oh boy...look like lots of canning these next two weeks!
How about them Chicago Cubs!!

I love this picture! It was taken in front on my niece and nephew's house( Chris and Pat) while they were away at a Cardinals game ( boo hiss ).Except for their one fault of being Cardinal's fans, I have to add, Pat and Chris are wonderful and I love them so dearly! ..Now you ask, why the Cubs flag and shirts?? Well, my other neice and nephew ( Jill ,Jim and daughter Anna) decided to play a little joke while they were away, and had this picture taken in front of Pat and Chris's house. down came the Cardinals flag and up went the Cubs! Eh eh eh!!. Jim's family , of course are good loyal CUBS fans...and because I am as well, decided this picture needed to be blogged again!
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