April 26, 2008

"Grandma's Sunflower Play House"

Late entry May 2008..Although a wonderful idea, I came to the conclusion not to make the sunflower room ...stemming from allergies [possible bee stings), decided not to risk putting the grandsons out amongst the bees this summer, to play.

I was trying to think of something fun for my grandchildren this year, and decided on making a sunflower house..I know it isn't nearly as fun as a club house would be, but we don't have trees for clubhouses . Perhaps the challenge of making this and watching it grow will be fun for them and beneficial for the birds as well. Here is the plan....Rototill a 8-10 foot square walled area, (leaving the grass growing inside for grandpa to mow) and plant two rows sunflowers, larger ones to the inside. I will use mostly giant sunflowers, and run twine through them at 5-7 feet to tie together. the giant kind no doubt would need some staking in case of windy bad weather . . I have grown sunflowers for the birds every year...why not the grandsons ..a word of caution..( In regard to using morning glories for roofs..I have read poison control centers have received calls from hospitals with patients experiencing adverse reactions, or "bad trips", from the seeds.) we won't even go buzz for the grand kids!
Here are some websites explaining how to make a sunflower playhouse.
I am including a recent comment by Sharon Lovejoy and her website for any one that would like to purchase her book. I have not read it but intend to..sounds delightful! also I see she has a Hollyhock book...Oh I bet she made garden fairies from hollyhock flowers too...what a fun time we had a schildren doing is her website...she has some great looking books postage!
Sharon states...."I wrote my first book Sunflower Houses in 1991 and in there describe how to build the perfect playhouse for your child. In Roots Shoots Buckets & Boots I have a more refined design for the playhouse. I would advise some strong poles around the door frames, corners etc. All children need to know NEVER to eat anything in the garden except what knowledgeable family teaches them is OK. They remember! " Thanks for your comments Sharon!
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