January 29, 2008

I have been tagged!

It would appear I have been tagged by New Adventures of an "Old Crow" and I am to write five interesting things about myself . I am not sure I am all that interesting, but here goes!
1) I have been a registered nurse for 32 years, mainly working in Pediatrics the majority of that time. (I workeed in Amarillo Texas, Clinton Iowa, Rockford illinois, Dixon illinois, and Prophetstown, Illinois)
2)I have never been able to whistle
3) I used to play a trumpet ( even my dog Pal howled when I did though, if that gives you a clue to my talents!)
4) I still have the last doll ever given to me as a child... one of the first walkie talkie dolls sold.
5) I used to be a pretty good roller rink skater back in the late 50'sand 60's .. I was amongst the few that never had a broken bone in my lifetime.

I have a love for creative blogs and always amazed at all the talent there is out there !
I have bookmarked on my and I am now given the honor to mention five favorites that I have tagged .
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