November 4, 2007

Change is a good thing!

I seem to feel old at times, as this ornament seems worn from aging, but one day I looked at it and thought..yes, it is still useful and has beauty within. .and it spoke to me that life is ever changing and it is good to make changes. I find myself ready for new beginnings with crafts, in salvaging beautiful ornaments as this is. . . It was refurbished by Emily Franz who brought it back to its natural beauty and use as a Dresden tree ornament. . I realize this is not a quick-fix hobby and will take plenty of time to learn, but done right, what a marvelous thing to be able to do! My grandparents came from Germany in the late 1800's. and with them, their traditional ornaments. I wish I had them, but perhaps can recreate my grandma's tree, as mom often spoke of in detail, including the German Putz displayed under their tree.
this week I am gathering the supplies, vintage tinsel, 34 gauge wire, jewelry making tools, card stock, German glass glitter, lambs wool, and so on..once I have a good stash of supplies ready and will set up a work station here in my downstairs family room, I have two grandsons that no doubt will want to help grandma make things too..sharing this experience on doing simpler ornaments for children to make , will be fun! I plan to make this ornament from an old glass ball ornament from my moms tree and a bird she had, in need some TLC and tail!
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