September 11, 2007

Fall Projects 2007 Design by Primcyn

Ring the Bell and Cast a Spell!
I made several little felt boots for a fundraiser this year..finding them a very easy and quick to do up. Supplies needed were black felt, black embroidery floss, small rusty bell and cotton batting to stuff with . Using this reduced pattern, cut out front and back pieces to the boot, sew right sides together , leaving the top of the boot open. Stuff firmly with the cotton batting and stitch the top shut by hand, concealing your stitches ..ow use a whip stich with black floss. add the laces crisscrossing each other up the front of the boot and tie..add rusty bell on the tip of the boot. Ring the bell, cast a spell and the boot is done! I added hangers with floss for hanging them up.

Pattern by Primcyn

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