August 26, 2007

remembering mom


What Summer means to me

It is late summer here in Illinois, and with it come many memories of a happy childhood and  memories of family. As I look out into my yard and see flowers blooming , . I think of my mom and my grandma Wellman ,and their hopes for these flowers , as they planted them on the Wellman homestead, many years ago. I see the cottage roses that once bloomed in the early 1900's under my grandma Schultz's window at her farm in Sandwich Illinois , and I remember mom speaking of this , as hers also would bloom early summer under her kitchen window. I remember the many dandelions in her yard and in mine...what a precious time it was and still is,  to teach my grandsons and neighborhood children how to blow the seedlings from their dried up flowers, even though I know that means more dandelions in the yard... but all the more for making chains from their stems. I see the wild violets that have transplanted from moms house to mine...reminds me of the story mom told of how they got started in her brother Howard, now deceased, brought a plant home for Mothers Day...only to years later divide and take over her entire back field...the most beautiful site every Spring when they would bloom...she always said...Howie was coming back to visit when those violets would bloom!..(.as he does in my yard as well)Each spring ,  a special little girl in town  picks me a bouquet . I remember picking lilacs for school dances, Iris and poppies on memorial day and taking them to veterans and family graves at the cemetery , and teaching my nieces and children how to make garden fairies from hollyhock flowers as we sat along the old fence row my grandfather put in in the 1800's ... Each flower or weed...has a special time to bloom a new memory for me. What a gift my mom gave me with sharing her love of  plants...they   help so much with healing when you lose loved ones and brighten each day in a special way. a rebirth of life's memories in my mind..there is something about having flowers from my moms yard that comforts me ..and  bring   special memories with them as they return each year.
Wishing you each  happiness this year in your flower gardens, blooming  with wonderful  memories they  hold.    Enjoy the Season and the moment you are those you  are  blessed to have in your life ...treasure each passing second...really look at those faces that make up your life, and know that they may not be there forever... but are all like flowers in your lives.
Memories can stay for ever and be passed on to your children and grandchildren. A seed has been planted in your heart, and your heart will grow like a flower with happiness and beauty .

 Families are forever...
Plant seeds of  involved and 
reach out  to  help a child, an elderly neighbor, a friend, or anyone that lacks what you have been blessed with.  

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